Learn the trade.

The Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program (BTPAP) is designed to move participants successfully into the construction building trades. The program is a free eight week program and is open to qualified candidates. Participants are exposed to a variety of the building trades through both classroom and hands-on training. In addition, key instructional components of BTPAP include math instruction, business communications and fitness training. BTPAP is the only local pre-apprenticeship construction training program with a strong commitment and support from the Buffalo Building Trades Council.

What you will learn in the BTPAP:

How to successfully apply to the building trades
Construction terminology
Test taking techniques
Communication skills
Tool identification
Blueprint reading
Hands-on skills
Job site safety

Those interested must begin the process by contacting the BTPAP office. 716-931-1052.
Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program
P.O Box 677, Buffalo, NY 14205-0677 / P: 716-931-1052 / F: 716-408-9627 / E: info@btpap.com